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Key dates:

Proposed in 2022

Applies to:

Any Dutch or other EU entity that engages in activities outside the Netherlands; or is a non-EU entity engaged in activities or marketing products in the Netherlands; and it is a large entity under the EU Accounting Directive – please launch the tool and log in for further details.

What it says:

Entities with known activities that have adverse human rights or environmental impact would be required to take all reasonable measures to prevent the impacts or mitigate or reverse them to the extent possible and, where necessary, enable remediation.


Those found not in compliance could face civil action or fines of up to 10% of an entity's net turnover.

Key Requirements:

GHG Emissions Tracking Supply Chain Mapping Third Party Assurance Adverse Media Reporting Xinjiang/WRO Mapping External Reporting Supplier/Risk Monitoring Supplier Engagement Remediation Plan Product Mapping ESG Risk Analysis Supplier Assessments Supplier Training Supplier Corrective Action Plan