A barefoot person looking away from the camera, tied up with rope, sitting on a dirty floor.

Key dates:

Effective since 2017.

Applies to:

Companies that have at least 5,000 employees in France or 10,000 worldwide, either directly or in their subsidiaries.

What it says:

Companies must have a due diligence plan in place that safeguards human rights and environmental impacts in their supply chain operations.


Companies in violation are subject to sanctions, with the possibility of service of formal notice that may result in the issuance of a commercial court order and the imposition of a daily fine.

Key Requirements:

GHG Emissions Tracking Supply Chain Mapping Third Party Assurance Adverse Media Reporting Xinjiang/WRO Mapping External Reporting Supplier/Risk Monitoring Supplier Engagement Remediation Plan Product Mapping ESG Risk Analysis Supplier Assessments Supplier Training Supplier Corrective Action Plan