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Key dates:

Effective since 2022 with first published reports in June 2023.

Applies to:

Larger enterprises that are resident in Norway and that offer goods or services in or outside Norway, and larger foreign enterprises that offer goods or services in Norway, and that are liable to tax to Norway pursuant to internal Norwegian legislation.

What it says:

Companies must investigate whether there are any actual, or risks of, adverse impacts on human rights or decent working conditions in their own operations, their supply chain and other business relationships. Companies must report their assessments publicly and take steps to remediate the findings. Companies must also establish a channel to receive due diligence information requests and must respond to requests within a certain timeframe.


Companies in violation may face sanctions or fines. Please login for details.

Key Requirements:

GHG Emissions Tracking Supply Chain Mapping Third Party Assurance Adverse Media Reporting Xinjiang/WRO Mapping External Reporting Supplier/Risk Monitoring Supplier Engagement Remediation Plan Product Mapping ESG Risk Analysis Supplier Assessments Supplier Training Supplier Corrective Action Plan