Child carrying a bundle of wood

Key dates:

Proposed in 2022.
Expected to take effect in 2025/2026.

Applies to:

Covers all products, namely those made in the EU for domestic consumption and exports, and imported goods, without targeting specific companies or industries.

What it says:

The ban prohibits all products suspected of being made with forced labour on the EU market, irrespective of source and industry.


If products are found to be produced with forced labor, authorities will order the withdrawal of the products already placed on the market and prohibit placing the products on the market. Companies will be required to dispose of the goods.

Key Requirements:

GHG Emissions Tracking Supply Chain Mapping Third Party Assurance Adverse Media Reporting Xinjiang/WRO Mapping External Reporting Supplier/Risk Monitoring Supplier Engagement Remediation Plan Product Mapping ESG Risk Analysis Supplier Assessments Supplier Training Supplier Corrective Action Plan